Benny McCarthy


January 2014

Happy New Year all! Lots of exciting stuff happening for me this year with all my projects.

Solo Album-After many years of band and group recording I have finally made space to put an accordion record together which will feature a different one of my accordions on every track and each track being a different tune type. I have many of my friends and favourite accompanists join me on my new solo album which I call 'Press and Draw'

Danu- We will be on tour in the USA in March and the tour takes us right across the country from east coast to the islands of Hawaii, our first time to perform there. more info on the Danu Website

Mag Mell-This is my newest venture and a very exciting, interesting and fun project with a fantastic team of people. We are putting some finishing touches to this show at present and lots of shows etc are coming during 2014. You can read all about this show on the Mag Mell Website

Pure Irish Drops Tour 2014-I have been invited to be part of the 25th tour of the annual European tour 'Pure Irish Drops' which is organised by Florian Furst. I have been part of 1999, 2006, 2008 & 2011 PID tours and really enjoyed them all. This year will be an accordion tour focusing on players between Ireland and Newfoundland. Conor Moriarty from Siabh Luachra and Graham Wells from St.Johns in Newfoundland will be part of this project also. Details to be announced soon can be found here on the Pure Irish Drops Myspace