Benny McCarthy


1994 Knocknagow Ceili band Album

1997 Danu-debut

1998 Rattle The Boards-debut

2000 Danu-Think before you think

2002 Danu-All things considered

2003 Danu-The road less traveled

2004 Teac A Bloc-Music The show

2004 Up in the air

2005 Danu-When all is said and done

2005 Danu-One night stand (DVD)

2006 Pure Irish Drops-Music of Deise

2006 Tech A Bloc-Traditional Irish Madness (DVD)

2008 Rattle the Boards - The Parish Platform

2008 Pure Irish Drops-20th Anniversary

2010 Danu-Seanchas

2011 Raw Bar Collective-Millhouse measures

2011 Gough, Clancy, Bracken & McCarthy- Sessions found 1995-2002

2011 Pure Irish Drops-Harmonicas and Harmonies

2011 Danu-Nollaig In Eireann/Christmas In Ireland (US tour release only)

2012 The Tin Sandwich Band-By Hook or by Crook